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At IMPROVE you can buy and order online professional nutritional supplements of the highest quality that are maximally effective, safe and doping free. We provide state of the art information regarding healthy nutrition, newest and most effective training methodologies for a better health, professional, semiprofessional and recreational athletes. Additionally, we offer testing services for both health- and performance-related testing using advanced equipment of the latest technology.

Nothing can be more gratifying to an athlete than having everything you need to unlock greatness in one place!

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Physiological Testing

For a professional athlete, or those striving to be as such, sound training, based on scientific principles, is the only way to reach your potential and achieve your goals..

We apply physiological testing to determine training parameters and to measure how each athlete is adapting to their customized training plan..

Depending upon the needs and goals of the client, IMPROVE offers several types of tests based on sport specific needs.

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The services and sports nutrition products are of the highest quality, and I see continuous improvement in my performance, in both training and competition.

Drin Ferataj

Volleyball Player

I am very pleased with the products at IMPROVE as I am feeling much fresher in the game and training.

Flamur Neziri


The IMPROVE team helped me improve my performance with their traning planning and monitoring. Excellent products as well!

Joan Reeves


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